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Get Involved - Sponsor a Dog – Sponsor a Client – Name a Puppy
Sponsor a Dog – Sponsor a Client – Name a Puppy

This donation allows for us to obtain a puppy from a breeder or shelter and provide the initial rounds of puppy immunizations and vet check-ups. With a minimal donation of $2,000 you, your family, group or company will be granted the naming rights of one of the puppies in our program! You will receive a picture of the puppy at the time it enters our program, a puppy bio and an updated picture upon formal training and placement with a Client!
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Get Involved with Volunteering Opportunities

Puppy Raising / Foster Raiser Program
Therapy Dogs
Host a Fundraising Event
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Get Involved by Buying Items on our Wishlist

Some supplies we are always in need of for our Dogs in training:

Additionally, we are in need of:
-Blankets & Towels
-Wheelchairs (Manual & Electric)
-Airline Miles (To help transport puppies into our program)
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Get Involved by Becoming a Puppy Raiser

Our Organization trains and places Service Dogs for different needs, including Autism Assistance, Mobility Assistance, Seizure Response and Veteran PTSD/TBI Assistance. We are seeking Puppy Raisers for periods of 6 months to 18 months.

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