Jonathan is an amazing 9 year boy in the 3rd grade who currently resides in Bradenton, Florida. He loves playing with legos, reading, and spending time with his family. Jonathan also has a great ear for music and enjoys playing on his keyboard and singing his favorite songs.

In September 2019, we started to notice that, at times, Jonathan appeared to have momentary lapses in his ability to stay focused and attentive. After numerous tests and examinations, it was determined that Jonathan suffers from “Absence Seizures“ (petite mal seizures).

We were suddenly filled with fear and uncertainty, but with the support, love, and prayers of our family and community, we remained strong in our faith that God would work a miracle in our lives. That miracle came to us when we were led to Topaz, where we instantly fell in love with their beliefs and mission.

Jonathan’s seizures cause him to struggle with regulating his emotions, which makes it very difficult for him to get the proper sleep he needs. We know that this service dog will not only give him a sense of safety and peace, it will also no doubt grow to become his best friend. Our family is beyond excited for the help and healing this amazing opportunity will bring to our home.

We invite you to take this journey with us and witness, through much needed prayers and financial support, a miracle at work in the lives of our family as Jonathan‘s life is restored with the assistance of a service dog, and forever friend.