Grayson is a sweet little 6 year old who just finished Kindergarten! He loves playing with his toy cars, Paw Patrol toys, and swimming and swinging in his backyard. His smile will melt your heart! Grayson’s diagnosis of Down syndrome, about a week after his birth, was a complete surprise to his family. It didn’t take them long to get fully involved in the Down syndrome community. Their local organization has been invaluable! Grayson attended their Music Therapy for years (even after he aged out) and now he and Mama go to their Learning Program. They’ve made wonderful friends and have amazing support there with other families that have loved ones with Down syndrome.

Grayson’s future Assistance Dog will undoubtably become his best friend and awesome helper. Grayson is very sensitive to loud noises and large groups of people. He also struggles with transitions, understanding of safety, and has sleeping issues. Grayson is so excited to have a new buddy and companion!

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