My name is Alia and I live in southeastern Colorado. I’m 20 years old, work from home, and live with my loving husband. After surviving domestic violence, sexual assault, and anorexia in high school, I developed CPTSD and severe anxiety. These conditions make it impossible for me to be out in public by myself without having severe panic attacks. I also struggle to manage my panic attacks at home when there is nobody there to help me. It’s hard not feeling safe even in my own home. After many medications and therapies, I’m still struggling to regain my independence. I got married in June of 2021 and once I have an assistance dog, we plan on taking our honeymoon so I am able to enjoy the experience rather than worrying about and managing my disabilities. Having an assistance dog would also allow me to get back into my passion for working out. I love working out and lifting, but I’m unable to go to the gym without somebody else. An assistance dog will allow me to exercise with a sense of safety. Overall, an assistance dog will provide me with a more peaceful and productive life. The freedom of being able to get out by myself and feeling safe in my own home without being dependent on someone else is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to have my freedom back.

Topaz is such an incredible organization and I truly can’t thank them enough for helping me get on the path to independence. They’ve been so understanding and so helpful in starting the process to find me a placement. I’m looking forward to having a companion by my side to help me through life.

Please consider making a donation to help me reach my goal, any amount is very much appreciated. Thank you for your support